Posted by: thisinfertilelife | April 12, 2010


I had no idea walking around for a couple of hours two days in a row would be so hard on my body.  I naively thought that a singleton pregnancy would be SO much easier than carrying the twins that I would breeze through it.  And the whole reason I didn’t LOVE being pregnant last time was because I was carrying two.  Turns out?  I’m not one of those women who LOVES being pregnant.  At least not through the first trimester.  I know there are so many women who would give anything to be in my position (I used to be one of them!), so of course, there is that guilt again.  But guess what?  From now on, I’m going to try to ignore the guilt and just bitch to my heart’s content.

Yesterday we went up to Boulder for a few hours to walk around Pearl street with the twins and grab lunch at the Rio.  For those of you who know the Rio, you’re probably wondering why I would bother when I can’t enjoy a marg there.  One word.  Queso.  And I managed to eat it.  That’s all I could eat, but at least I got the queso down.  The good part about family outings like this is that it gets the kids into new environments and tuckers them out.  The bad news is that it tuckers me out too and since they sleep in the car on the way home, no nap time for me to lounge around at home after the outing.  We made that same mistake today by taking the kids to the zoo.  But the weather was awesome and they had a blast, so what can you do.

But after 2 days of too much walking, probably not enough water drinking, and lots of picking up and putting down 2 toddlers, my entire abdomen is sore and tight.  The doppler has assured me everything is fine, so I think I just need to listen to my body, drink more water and not do as much next time.

My husband is doing so much these days that I worry he’s going to snap.  His temper is definitely shorter and I catch him giving me looks when he thinks I should be chipping in more.  Luckily a teary episode (mine) softened him up tonight and I think he’s getting the hint that I am doing my best.  I just worry that this is going to get harder until the baby is born and I don’t feel like either of us has much more to give.  Couple that with both of us entering a really busy time at work for the next two weeks and the worry wheels are turning in my head.  Sigh.



  1. I seriously don’t know how you’re doing it. I’m sure that things are hard (and are bound to get more difficult at times), but try to remember what you went through to get here. You guys braved infertility, a twin pregnancy, twin infants (a strange version of hell), and now twin toddlers. I seriously don’t even know how you’re upright at the end of the day! Your marriage is strong and while your husband is going to have to pick up some of the slack, it’s for your well-being and your baby’s.

    I don’t think I’m one of the people who love pregnancy either…granted, I’ve only done it once, but not my cup of tea in the long run. Hang in there, Mama!

  2. I’m thinking good thoughts for you…

    And I hope the pregnancy gets better as it goes along. I have such admiration for parents of multiples. I have a hard enough time keeping up with one let alone two.


  3. I’m catching up…

    Mmmm… queso!

    Hope you get that 2nd trimester energy soon. 🙂 I had one, but now it’s long gone. Sigh. I slept 12 hours last night, you know all broken up in 2 hour increments. 😛

    Glad your ultrasound went well!

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